The Blue Mexican

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Barry McGuire. "Eve of Destruction."  Dunhill, 1965.

The Doors. "Horse Latitudes." Elecktra / Asylum, 1967.

The Doors. "Crawlin' King Snake." Elecktra, 1971.

The Eagles. "Heartache Tonight." Elecktra, 1979.

Iron Butterfly, "Soul Experience." Atco, 1969.

Janis Joplin. "Ball and Chain." Legacy, 1970.

Jefferson Airplane. "White Rabbit." RCA Victor, 1967.

Kansas. "Dust in the Wind." Legacy, 1977.

The Rolling Stones. "Gimme Shelter." Abkco, 1969.

The Rolling Stones. "Sympathy for the Devil." Abkco, 1968.

Simon and Garfunkel. "I am a Rock." Legacy, 1966.

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